Tracy Ryan

  • From: Fort Myers, FL
  • Occupation: Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Goal: “Actually being happy rather than just pretending to be”
  • Lost: 200lb in 12 months


I started the Unsupersize Me program feeling as though this was my last chance to lose the excess weight and address the health problems I had been avoiding. Other diets had never worked for me, because I’d always put the weight back on as soon as the diet stopped. I realized I needed a complete lifestyle change if I was going to become healthy for the long term. Although I’d convinced myself I was happy when I weighed in at 345lb as a coping strategy, my first visit to the doctor’s office at the start of Unsupersize Me shocked me into realizing I was storing up major health problems for the future.  Through Unsupersize Me, I learned to cook and eat in a completely different way. Carly supported me all through the process, teaching me how to shop for and cook whole food plant-based dishes that were nutritious, tasty and wouldn’t leave me feeling hungry and deprived as other diets had in the past.

Making such drastic changes to my diet wasn’t easy for me - I dealt with some issues with friends and family not liking the changes I was making and I didn’t really get a great deal of support from my social circle. Through Carly and his team, however, I met new people and found friends who supported me in my new goals. I also learned to make exercise a regular part of my life. I can’t tell you how self-conscious I felt at first about being in the gym because I found the exercises so difficult and I was worried how people saw me because of my weight, but the support and encouragement from Carly and his team of personal trainers at Zen Fitness helped me stick with it and I did start to enjoy the daily workouts. Over the 12 months I worked with Carly and the team, I did things I never thought were possible, like rock climbing and I eventually even ran a  WHOLE marathon:)

I ended the Unsupersize Me program 200lbs lighter and transformed into a healthy, active young woman with everything to live for. I’m living proof that no matter where you start from, you can always change your life and health and alter the course your life is on.


Tracy now works in sales and marketing for a catering company, enjoys cooking and lives with her partner in South Carolina.