Don Blair

  • From: Gainesville, Florida
  • Occupation: Tennis coach and racquet club owner
  • Goal: “Preventing the onset of chronic health problems”
  • Lost: 30lb in six weeks


I started the Unsupersize Us project feeling overweight, tired and worried about my health. I had high triglycerides and was concerned about Type 2 diabetes.  I’ve always struggled with my weight and found it difficult to keep under control. I’d tried many other diets in the past, but usually found that I put the weight back on as soon as I started eating ‘normally’ again. I loved that the whole food plant based diet allowed me to eat as much as he wanted and not go hungry or have to worry about calorie counting. I even started cooking more and one of my highlights was coming third in the vegan Iron Chef competition with my dishes inspired by my Vietnamese heritage. Even though my job coaching tennis and running DB Racquet Club in Gainesville kept me quite active already, I made huge progress with my fitness during the program, which no doubt contributed to the 30lb weight loss and the 63mm of body fat that melted off in just six short weeks. Winning the stadiums challenge was huge, I was worried about just being able to complete that, so to do it in the fastest time was a real achievement. I think it was then that I realized just how far I’d come.  

I’m still enjoying my new active lifestyle, maintaining the weight loss and mostly eating whole food plant-based. I’m happy to report that my triglycerides have dropped from 680 to 160, which is now almost within the normal range. I no longer worry about what health problems might be around the corner, because thanks to Carly and the team I’m confident I’m living the healthiest possible lifestyle.