unsupersize us - Watch Now

Juan-Carlos Asse, personal trainer, filmmaker and owner of popular Gainesville fitness studio Zen Fitness, has followed up his award-winning documentary Unsupersize Me with a new and ambitious movie project, Unsupersize Us, which premieres at the Hippodrome Theater in Gainesville, FL on Tuesday December 6th at 7pm.

Transforming ordinary lives

Four of the film’s five subjects are Gainesville locals – DB Racquet Club owner Don Blair, third-grade teacher Molly Sexton, real estate entrepreneur Allison Ables, and music teacher Gidon Herman. The fifth, Liz Smith, is a writer from the UK, who came over to take part in the film and co-authored Unsupersize Me - The Cookbook with Asse. The film follows their triumphs and adversities as they go through the six weeks following the same successful program that helped Tracy Ryan lose 200lbs in a year, a whole food plant-based diet and daily exercise. The results may surprise you.

Self-taught filmmaker Asse wanted to up the ante with the new movie, working not just with one subject, but five. "I didn't want to do exactly the same thing as I had with Unsupersize Me" he says. "The first movie demonstrated clearly that huge weight loss was possible with this approach, but this time I wanted to show how ordinary people make big changes over a relatively short time".

Unsupersize Us has been entered in 15 film festivals including DOXA, Toronto, Paris, Austin, Paris, Tokyo,  and Berlin film festivals.