Unsupersize Me Self-Guided Course

This course is a welcome arrival to anyone who has unsuccessfully battled their weight with the many restrictive fad diets that never work long term.  Unsupersize Me producer Juan-Carlos Asse reveals the Unsupersize Me program that he used to guide Tracy Ryan to lose 200 lbs in a year.  Asse teaches not only the diet and exercise regimen, but also the mentality that is essential to permanently lose weight...and maintain it for the rest of your life. There are also cooking demonstrations, a lesson in shopping and reading ingredients, and an checklist of what you need in your kitchen. There are also the same to beginner workouts he used with Tracy Ryan in the documentary.

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"I found the online course to be so beneficial and highly recommend anyone to order and take the course. It teaches you health, fitness, workouts, with actual demonstrations but what I enjoyed the most was the fact that one of the things that was featured in the course is talking about the inner hurts, though it was brief. Carly touched briefly on the fact that if your weight problem reaches a certain extreme then perhaps there is something going on within that needs to be addressed. This course not only touches on fitness and health but it also touches on the entire mind, body, and soul. The amount of information, knowledge, and even support you receive does not match the price of the course but I'm thankful that it was super affordable, If you haven't done the course, your missing out" ~ Jennifer Montanez